Beyonce’s workout is no secret. It takes hard work and dedication and we absolutely love her for it! Beyonce was quoted for saying that she works out 5 days a week, mostly in heels. That does sound insane to most, but her life revolves around glamor and showmanship to the extend that most of us mortals can not even fathom. We can still learn from her dedication and build a workout that works for us!

Beyonce Cardio

Mrs. Knowles stay motivated by constantly switching up her workout regimen. This works well because your muscles are less likely to plateau, and you are less likely to get bored and thus losing your workout intensity.
Beyonce’s cardiovascular workout consists of exercises like dancing, running, biking, and the elliptical.

Beyonce Free weights

Beyonce adheres pretty closely to dumbbells. The free range of motion is good for working out isolated muscle groups while strengthening your core at the same time. A similar routine would be like:

3 sets 15 rep bicep curls
3 sets 15 rep triceps kick backs
3 sets 15 rep dumbbell chest flies
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell lunges
3 sets 15 rep Bosu ball squats with 7lb dumbbells
3 sets 15 rep cable crosses

Beyonce Abs

Beyonce’s ab workout would be a combination of crunch variations and yoga. She would do routines like bicycle crunches, ab twists, yoga plancks, and hanging leg raises. The key is high reps with minimal rests. This creates the best calorie burning and body toning combination. Do not overwork your body. Push yourself, but not to the extent of pain. Pain may be the sign of weakness leaving your body, but pain also promotes bad form. That leads to injury. Work in a yoga session regularly to relax your mind and body. Monitor your progress weekly and you will reach your goals in no time!
We will analyze her postnatal workout soon!

“I’m on the practice field running two a day, So I don’t drop the ball when its threw my way” – Jay Z from Off That

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